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Drag Racing Specialties Bodies

    We at DRS have done the mold work for most all of the world and national record holding bodies used in drag racing produced by the other major manufacturers. We have entered into the body market in a big way.

    One of the finest examples of our line is our DRS-505 True Scale dragster body this is a scale dragster of high quality and scale appearance made for our DRS-33, 34 True Scale dragster chassis but, can also be used for other applications as well. We are developing the bodies now that will be used to reach the next plateau in performance.

    We use all the latest developmental tools available but the most important one of all is on the track, testing done by ourselves.  We are pulling our bodies in Genuine .015” Lexan to offer a more durable body that does not deform as much at high speed and will last a lot longer too.

    We will do most of our bodies in 1/25th scale whenever possible to assure that they have as small a frontal area and the most scale appearance available.

DRS-504 Dragbike Shell Fits DRS-25

DRS-506 ’53 Studebaker Body

DRS-511 94 Vette Body Fits All F/C Kits

DRS-512 Jr. Dragster Body

DRS-513 94 Firebird Body

DRS-516 ’63 Stingray Body

DRS-517 VW Body

DRS-519 94 Chevy Stepside Pickup Drag Body

DRS-522 DRS Wedge Dragster Body

DRS-526 1/24 Monte Carlo Stock Car Body

DRS-533 ’99 Pro-Stock Camaro

DRS-534  ’99 LWB Pro-Stock S-10 Truck Body

DRS-535 Rear Wing For Most Drag Bodies*

DRS-536 Camaro F/C Body

DRS-537 Camaro F/C Body High Down Force

DRS-538 “True Scale” Dragster Body

DRS-539 Cavalier Doorslammer Body

DRS-540 ’67 Nova Doorslammer Body

DRS-541 ’77 Vega Doorslammer Body

DRS-542 Cavalier SC Doorslammer Body

DRS-543 Cougar Doorslammer Body

DRS-544 ’97 Vette Body


DRS-546 '67 Nova No Hood! w/BBC Body

DRS-547 Stealth Body

DRS-548 ’41 Willys Body

DRS-549 ’99 Sonoma SWB Pickup Drag Body

DRS-550 ’85 Corvette W/Scoop Drag Body

DRS-551 PT Panel Truck Drag Body

DRS-552 ’57 Chevy Pro-Mod Drag Body

DRS-553 Extended Cab Dually Pick-up Body

DRS-554 Olds Jr. Funny Car Drag Body

DRS-555 Old Style Mini Cooper 1/32 Scale

DRS-556 2005 Pontiac GTO Drag Body

DRS-557 1968 Dodge Dart Drag Body

DRS-558 Altered Coupe Drag Body