Gluing a Slot Drag Car

By Bob Herrick

DRS-101 Glueboard "with handle & non skid feet"

Glueboards are used to apply glue (traction compound) to your tires. Our method of doing this consists of applying two large dots of glue on your board and taking your index finger and smearing it around until it is smooth, and evenly applied on one end of the board. Then you hold the front of your car with one hand and the rear of the car with your fingers up under the rear of the car. Then you roll the cars rear tires through the glue a few times and then turn the car upside down to make sure the glue is evenly applied around the tires.

Then take the car to the track and set the car down on the track perfectly straight about one inch behind the starting line. Then pick up your controller and drive the car down the track about ten feet as slow as possible to apply the glue evenly to the track. How many times you do this depends on the type of car you race. When you feel you have enough glue applied glue your tires one final time and then set the front of the car down in the slot keeping the rear tires from touching the track. Then move the car forward until the car is staged, and then set the rear of the car down perfectly straight and race from that position.

You will have to adjust how much glue you apply to both the glueboard and the track, but this is the method that works!

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